Saturday, October 20, 2012


Time spinning around
Making me dizzy
As i walked through the corner
I saw you passing by

Each time I looked at your face
It cannot make me stop smiling
Even if its not on my face
Clearly it must be inside my heart

Each time when I see you
I felt the happiness fills me
Each time when I talk to you
I felt the jolly feeling filled my heart

Time is getting forwards
Nothing is getting backwards
Like my Love, Is getting stronger..
And it will not get weaker...

Even if time changes my personality
Even if I will be different one day
But still it cannot change my Love on you
My Love will still be strong day by day

Because, You are special to me
You are everything to me
You are the one for me
As I always be yours.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Only One

Tonight the moon shines so bright,
For me, You are the light,
That lights all of my nights
Even the shining stars could not shine that bright
You have really given me a new light

My life will always be bright
Because you came to be my light
My inspiration will always light
The hearts of people that needs a new light
Because you had shine my inspiration so bright

I'll wait...
Even for a thousand years
For a girl like you
Only came once on my 
Sorrowful life...

I've given myself to you
As I am Now Yours
And I am waiting for you to be mine
As to me you are the most valuable
Diamond that i never seem to reach..

You are special
You are like no other
You are a million to one
You are to me...
My Only One

Friday, April 27, 2012


If i were to die today,
Tell her that i love her,
If i were to stand today,
Tell her that i need her,

Why we must fight,
Among each other,
Why we must kill,
Among our own blood,

Where is the love?,
Where is the care?,
Where is the humanity?,
Where is the future?!!,

If i were to stay,
Tell her that i cant,
If i were to leave,
Tell her that i wont

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love Poem

I love you with
all my heart
i will always love you
no matter what

because love is not a thing that
can easily fall from the sky
or comes when its being called
when i cant see your face

i felt as if my life is getting shorter
and its going to end soon
this feeling get worse and worse
because i miss you so much

do you know that my heart is getting weaker?
by days and night
so my last massage,
my last word for you my love

would be that i love you
i love you so much
so please don't forget me
because i will always remember you


Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Patients Of A Man

everyday i sit alone
doing nothing more
then to watch the stars

it takes a long time
for the day to pass
and also the night
that i had to last

i lived in sorrow
it felt like i'm in hell's prison
the only thing i do is wait
until the time comes

if heaven calls
i'll go
if hell calls
i'll stay

as the days pass slowly
so does night

i'll wait and wait
and when the time comes
i'll be ready

Love Poem (My First Ever Poem)

Each night i watched the stars
i felt nothing
each day i watched the sun
i felt nothing

i could not find the right solution
on what is wrong with me
i felt that my heart
is going to burst
into dust

without love
i'm nothing

i felt like i'm missing something
i felt like i'm needing something

something to fill up my heart with love
i need it
i want it
i just got to find it

here i felt nothing
there is no love here
there is only guys here

i search and search
each day i search who is the one for me
until one day i opened my old school magazine

then suddenly i saw her
she is what i'm missing
and it's you and it's really you
the one and only Shahirah


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